CYMEON X "Animal friendly" LP

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CYMEON X is one of the most legendary bands from the Polish HC scene in the 90s and at the same time the most important local straight edge band. Existing between 1991-1994, occasionally playing in the years that followed, and returning for good in 2011, over the last three years the band has performed regularly. Their live-tape was the second release on Refuse, so we're very excited to present their latest recordings on 12" vinyl and CD. For more than twenty years since their foundation, the band has offered dynamic and fast hardcore with a positive message. Their new recordings sound but a bit heavier, with a hard edged vibe. This, combined with traditional CX fast tempos, creates a thoughtful, varied, tight and well done recording. As the title suggests, Cymeon X still continues to be outspoken on an animal rights and cruelty free diet and it's present in their lyrics as well as in essays written by members of the band in a 12-page booklet. It's impressive to see a band who started over 20 years ago where all the members are still vegan, vegetarian and straight edge! CD version contains two bonus songs released on split 7" w/ Regres.

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