... PAYMENT ...

You can pay us in following ways:

1. PAYPAL (the charges apply - 5% of total amount)

2. BANK TRANSFER (EURO, PLN polish zloty)

3. cash - well hidden in the letter at YOUR OWN RISK

We will send you an accurate quote and bank or paypal information when we put your order together.

It is not possible to use COD outside Poland for us.


See the postage rates table below and do your own exercise in higher mathematics.
We will send you detailed information.

We usually send registered small packets (max weight 2 kilos) or Global Expres.  Detailed prices below.

Heavier parcel's cost depends on the continent and country – write first.
To give you some clue, 5kg economy parcel (by sea) cost is about € 25 depending on the place you live - with the exception listed below.

In Europe it makes sense to use courier (DPD, GLS, Fed-Ex or UPS) for parcels up to 30 kg. They are cheaper than the parcel, and you get them within 3-4 days. The prices are different for every country,

Estimated prices of 30kg parcels to some countries (they are subject to change):

Germany € 20,

France € 25,

UK € 30

Polish post has relatively cheap parcels' price (25%-50% of prices for the other economy parcels) to following countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia -
5kg for € 10.

Global Expres is a new service by Polish Post - they offer cheaper packets in 1-2kg range worldwide.

Other countries' rates in the table below.

To give you a chance to estimate costs, here’s an average weight of different items we carry:
7” / CASS – 100g,
LP – 300g,
CD – 110g (digipack CD fits 100g limit)
t-shirt – 200g,
hooded sweater – 500 g
Add about 10% of estimated weight (but not less than 100g) for packaging.

One CASSETTE or one digipack CD fit 100g limit.

1-2 regular CDs (in plastic box) or 7"EPs fit in 350g limit.

One vinyl LP fits 500g limit.

Gatefold cover LP, or 3 regfular LPs should fit 1kg limit.

NEW POSTAGE RATES 2023 (from December 1st) are not known yet.

 Letters / small packets - registered AIR mail (priority) pricelist:


All rates in EURO. Valid until November 2023.

  100g 350g 500g 1000g 1500g 2000g
  Europe 6,00 6,25 6,50 10,75
 GE 13.25 / RL 22.25
 GE 16.25 / RL 22.25
North America, Africa 6,00 6,25 7,75 RL 13.00 GE 17.25 / RL 25.50 GE 22.25 / RL 25.50
South and Central America, Asia 6,00 6,25 9,00 GE14.75/ RL 15.50 GE 17.25 / RL 30.75 GE 22.25  / RL 30.75
Australia 6,00 6,25 12,25 RL 22.50

GE 17.25 / RL 47

GE 22.25  / RL 47


RL - registered priority post (air mail) - available to all countries

GE - Global Express is available to Europen countries and Brasil, Canada, China, Israel, Japan and the USA.