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Demo & live 1988/9


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New release here that contains demo and live tracks from this 1980s German anarcho-punk band. Although Euthanasie only ever released demos on their own, they were included on the "Words Worth Shouting" compilation LP put out by Radical Change Records (label owned by the Disrupters from England) in 1985. Honestly, i think Euthanasie reminds me most of one of those odd obscure bands that would were included on those minimalist, anarchist, fringe, etc. compilations that were coming out a lot in the late '70s-'80s that always contained these weird, one off bands that no one has ever heard of. It's releases like these that you always seem to see on the excellent Mutant Sounds blog. The music here is good though and interesting, and i think it sounds like you'd expect it to: like German punk meets UK peace punk. I think there's some people out there who will be really into checking this out as this is a nice release.

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