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WLOCHATY "Droga oporu" LP green rorschach vinyl

zł 65.04

LP ships after June 16th

Transparent green with black "Rorschach test" style effect - each copy unique.

One copy per order.


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WŁOCHATY in 1990s seemed to be a Polish incarnation of Crass / Conflict anarcho punk dream.
"Droga oporu" (The Path Of Resistance) was their third album, released originally in 1999 on CD and cassette.

Recorded with a new guitar player with quite a few guests, mixed by Post Regiment guitarist and released originally on CD and cassette. Now it's on vinyl for the first time!

The album offered usual set of angry anarcho-punk anthems, but new elements appeared - more melody, slower tempos, some punky-reggae bits.

The LP contains the original album tracks - whereas the CD contained some earlier songs' new takes.

Artwork was rebuilt by Michal Arkusinski, who may be familiar to many of you (from earlier Wlochaty vinyl releases on NNNW or Homomilitia final album for example). Check out his comic books and other art...

The LP comes out in June 2024 in 3 different colour versions.

transparent green vinyl with black stains (about 50 copies for sale)
orange vinyl (about 100 for sale)
regular black vinyl

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