EGUN BELTZAK "A Bask Tribute to Yanka Dyagileva" LP

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Great tribute from Basque Country to the unforgettable singer from Novosibirsk/Russia who died unter mysterious circumstances in 1991! Realized by Aitor Perez (APURTU, KAOS KOOPERATIV etc.) with the help of young singer Eneritz Furyak! A must-have for all YANKA-fans worldwide! Lyrics are in Basque language which fit surprisingly well!

«About Yanka’s record, is a long time ago project, many years ago when I listened for first time Yanka´s songs I become in love immediately with her voice and her deepness, she transmitted a lot of feelings. I started learning russian to understand the lyrics by myself, but I understood her lyrics are very complex, poethical, with many little details about the siberian culture or her sovietic time, mixed with deep feelings and melancholy.I had great help for translations: Petar Bakardzhiev is a retired painter, draftsman, writer and 60’s rock big fan who lived the soviet time and analyzed the lyrics with the help of my wife Nevyana Syarova. Petar also painted the cover.» (Aitor Perez)

The band name EGUN BELTZAK (Black Days) is inspired by the song «Na chorniy den» (In the black days).
The cover art is inspired by the song «Pauki v banke» (spiders in a pot).
The back cover is inspired by old children tales’ vinyls.

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