MORTAR "Fire And Steel" LP + a large patch

zł 56.91

One sided vinyl with a large patch.


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New HM-2 d-beat baby of Jarek a.k.a. Jay Mortar, previously in Unfixed, Meinhof, Silna Wola, Guernica Y Luno.

One sided vinyl with 9 tracks.

Includes a large (20cm) patch.


Started as Jarek's solo studio project, soon he realized it will never sound as good as with some influence from other musicians, so original parts started to be re-recorded, also a meaningful influence came from Michal of DEATH CRUSADE and  legendary FILTH OF MANKIND. Later came Greg, Rafał, Robert and Matt... Finally, Jarek decided to form a regular line-up for live shows starting from September 2023. Enjoy!


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