FATE "Ananke" 2xLP - limited blue and yellow vinyl

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1994 Polish folk punk classic - 1st time on vinyl!


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One record on yellow vinyl, the other - blue one.

In the early years of Polish d.i.y. punk scene (meaning early 1990s) before crust boom brought Homomilitia, Silna Wola, Sanctus Iuda and Guernica Y Luno, there was a huge wave of bands incorporating ska / reggae / folk sound to its version of Polish classic punk (think of Armia / Dezerter early stuff meets the Clash-y reggae sound and ska-punk). Alians and Swiat Czarownic were touring heavily (and sharing a bass player), 200km south a band named FATE started to play numerous gigs, released a demo in 1992, followed by 2 live tapes next year - all on small DIY labels, which were sprouting all around the country..
In 1994 they recorded 16 tracks in Gold Rock Studio (run by Armia / Izrael / Brygada Kryzys guitarist, late Robert Brylewski) with assistance of Post Regiment crew - their guitarist Smok actually recorded the session. That sound is easy to recognise.
The CD includes 4 live tracks with guest appearance of Alians / Swiat Czarownic bass player - FATE covers Polish punk and reggae classis from Deuter and Izrael as well as Basque Kortatu (with their own anti-fascist lyrics).
Shortly after "Ananke" album had been released, Agnes - their singer decided to leave the band. They remained active, recorded a 7" and another album and went on hiatus for some years. In 2013 the band reformed, remains active and plays within d.i.y. punk circuit on regular (but not very intense) basis, 2022 saw their new album (”Zawsze Twarzą Ku Ziemi” on Zima Records)

Most of the artwork of their releases is based on works of Krzysztof Owedyk (Prosiak) - important person in Polish comics scene, whose early work saw the daylight through d.i.y. punk publishing efforts, NNNW co-financing his first non-punk graphic novel "Osma czara" first release.

Double LP vinyl release with tracks remastered by the same person, who assisted their first studio (Post Regiment's Smok) and artwork built by Petr (IL62 , Human Rights) brings another evidence of vivid 1990s scene.

Regular black vinyl and limited yellow and blue version both come in colourful gatefold sleeve and include a fold out poster with Owedyk's extra artwork (different than the CD), photos, stories, lyrics and their English translations.

First orders get also 1-sided extra poster with Prosiak's design.

FATE = Fly And The Evolution - guitar / singer's nick is Mucha, which is Polish for "fly")

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