END FOREST "E.N.D." LP - limited 180gr

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Covid 19 – thank you!


If the pandemic hadn't happened, that would have been rather unlikely to make members of following bands work on this album:


Angst78, August Landmesser, Bhimal, Bön, Brudne Czyny, Chumbawamba, Drah, Dystopia, Dyym, Kicker, Knur, Lets Shiva Dance, Masala Soundsystem, Mind Pollution, Moira, Neurosis, Next Victim, Nyshynga, Omnimode, Pain Runs Deep, Próchno, Rivendell, R.U.T.A., S.O. War, Synapsis, Tension Span , Wszaniec, Zuo Schallplatten


Vinyl LP (black, and even more black, 180gr limited version) and digipack CD are out in the end of the year that will be remembered for yet another ”the end of the world” game...



The words of wisdom from the participators:


END FOREST is an open project created during a pandemic as a result of virtual cooperation of musicians from different parts of Poland and the world. It has taken two years from the birth of the idea to the completion of the album, since the problems with Covid-19 in the world occurred. The foundation of the project was to create a concept album about the destructive activity of humans, who more or less consciously destroy themselves and the planet they live on, turning their natural environment into a monstrous, post-apocalyptic landscape. One of the possible images is drawn in the lyrics: the imminent end of the world we remember, with four seasons, primary forests and biodiversity, an efficiently operating ecosystem, and the ecological balance. Most of EF's musicians are parents (you will even hear their children on this album), so they are concerned about the future of their descendants: will they have to fight to survive in increasingly difficult conditions? The pandemic, along with frequent lockdowns and numerous restrictions, influenced the regular scene and concert activity, so EF decided to spend these dark times in a constructive way. Therefore , so many, even very busy musicians decided to take part in making this album. In addition to the original songs, the album also includes the cover – "Atak". What could be a more adequate sound of the end of the world than Siekiera`s from Demo Summer?! End Forest's music is like a river that has its source in hardcore-punk and meanders strongly through many interesting lands such as folk, doom, ambient, sludge, jazz, noise and metal.

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