SMIERC "Paranoja" LP

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Their second, "pandemic" album - seems they evolve the same formula, this time again reaching beyond the rich Polish punk heritage. You can hear echoe's of the artists with punk roots who grew big and popular Maanam, Kult, the great early 20th century literature (Gombrowicz's "Ferdydurke") - yet you an still catch soem of your faves - DEUTER, SIEKIERA. and surprisingly enough - there are some lines in Swedish this time, a poetry by Yolanda Aurora Bohm Ramirez.

SMIERC means „death” in Polish - and this new band is from... Sweden.

Their debut album is a powerful tribute to Polish punk (and beyond), sung in Polish. As far as I know it’s the first such an effort in the world - just try to pronounce their name correctly! They describe their music as straight forward, yet melodic, d-beat orientated punk. Well, I find their interest in Polish bands you love... Post Regiment, Dezerter, Homomilitia are all „heard”, but the effect is so original. Gaining previous experience in bands such as Idiot Ikon, Imperial Leather and Abductee S.D shows...

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