APATIA "Bog, Honor, Ojczyzna - Faszyzm" LP

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2nd press.

God, honour, fatherland – fascism” - is a title of 1992 debut album by Poznan's Apatia – now for the first time available on vinyl.

In the early 1990s when diy punk scene had really formed in Poland the most important names included Inkwizycja and Apatia, you could see them at every second gig, not just in their hometown Poznan, which soon saw the rise of Rozbrat squat, with Apatia members involved.

Their previous band - HCP was known for the 7" released by the Swiss label Resistance Productions, after its demise, they formed Apatia and the new band was quick to release a couple of early demo / live tapes. They were involved in organisisng diy shows, in zine publishing („Greencore” made by the guitarist), ecological, animal rights and anti-fascist activities, the singer was in the crew that started squatting the place known as Rozbrat till nowadays.

Musically, they were influenced by the early 1990s ragers mixing it with more „emotional” approach. They cited likes of Dischord bands of that era or Verbal Assault on one side and So Much Hate on the other.

We had offered them a chance to release the record at the same time we talked to Inkwizycja - but when they finally recorded in a "real" studio (famous Gold Rock, run by Armia / Kryzys / Brygada Kryzys guitar player) it was almost 2 years later and the vinyl market was slowly dying in Poland. So we put those recording out on cassette only (sold thousands over the years), accompanied by a 5-track "Punk floyd" 7"EP and the CD "Walka czy apatia?" (Struggle or apathy?) that combined 26 tracks alltogether.

Apatia later recorded 5 more albums before they split up in 2011, the band always stood for diy punk with a positive message - squatting, anti-fascism, social conscience.
Their version of HCP's "Young fascists" became an anthem of anti fascist movement in the 1990s... and the most often played cover song ever. The weird version on this album features Armia's singer Tom and more Gold Rock studio guests - DESTROY FASCISM!

Limited red-in-black vinyl sold out immediately, some copies of black vinyl version are still available.

Coming soon – vinyl release of their 2nd *(and my favourite) album „Odejdz lub zostan”.

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