ABOP s/t LP Transparent Magenta Edition

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Long nights became even longer. Welcome to the exciting audio / visual / instrumental world of ABOP (After je bolji od partyja or After is Better than the Party). Originating from Zagreb, Croatia, they are a collective made of top notch musicians. Officially formed 5 years ago, they continue to make an important impact to all available senses. As instrumentalists, they are very active in various popular regional acts like: Elemental, Pips, Chips & Videoclips, Kries, Mayales, Sinestet or Pridjevi. Some would say they might be overshadowed by the burden of their ‘main’ gigs. This is far from the truth. ABOP has special ingredients of their own which gives them enough freedom of not labeling their music within any specified genre. The level of originality and song structures are a terrific pointer to a never ending movement of this machine.

ABOP is composed of: Erol (bass), John (drums), Levi (drums), Božanski (samples, synth), Tourett (synth) i Lo Peaks (live mix desk). From the start they’ve been releasing excellent audio / video footage of their live performances through various social and online channels. The reputation of a live attraction exceeded them in a short period of time. Summoning organic, instrumental ghosts through an electronically charged prism of emotions you get to open the package while being on spot. It’s worth mentioning that the band has two drummers. They share one set, face-to-face, perfectly in synch, accurate and tight, pushing this rhythm machine forward.

Debut simply entitled ABOP consists of 4 songs, running time little less than 30 minutes. Production was handled by Ivan Božanić and Erol Zejnilović. Final mastering touch is the work of Petar Dundov, world known techno DJ. With tireless synth work, an array of sound effects, drums and bass you get the winning combo of instrumental play packed in electronic party atmosphere. Their music is intense, rhythmic, psychedelic in the right places with a lot of groove and powerful. Without a vocal interpretation they flow through electro, funk, disco, kraut and techno (sub)genres. Huge influence of Chicago acid house sound of the '80s is also present through out the whole material. The bands motto is: Where Party Ends – After Begins. Consider yourself invited to the one you’ll ever need.

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