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Sometime at the end of the '80s, a young man from the eastern suburbs of Zagreb wrote down his first lyrics: I want to move fast and strong, to break and tear down everything that is stopping me, to create my own order. Motus vita est! Almost 30 years later, that same (a little bit older) man is still on the same path, together with his companions. Microphone, guitars, drums and attitude of course.

We would like to welcome one of the most long lasting bands from these parts of the globe, the heroes of endurance, Motus Vita Est! The old cats with a new release under PDV Records. Under the rasp throat of their frontman Hogar and his blood and guitar brother Zoki, 6 albums throughout the career, countless live shows, persistance and dedication are the engines that kept them running for almost 30 years. A lot has changed since the bands' initial beginning: trends, systems, governments and scenes, but Motus Vita Est always stayed true to themselves.

The latest studio effort Mašina is delivered at the right time after a longer discography pause (previous album Psi came out in 2004). Starting with the first track, the sound steps up towards more metallic tone they've always strived, for and can be compared to later phases of the bands like Suicidal Tendencies or RKL. The direct lyrical expression which Motus is very well known for is still present. Sharp content and dissection of various sociopolitical and everyday life themes spreads over 10 songs on the album. The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice! In this case definitely because Mašina is a step-up with its' great production. Very tight line-up in this band incarnation is musically well connected. Constantly exchanging dual guitar riffs, strong bass foundations, upbeat rhythm patterns with occasional double-bass pedal assault and strong vocal delivery. By far, this is their most coherent and matured release. There are two album singles available in form of videos, Duge noći and Gle.

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