Barbering. A complete guide to men’s haircuts. [Adam Szulc] - book

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„Barbering. A complete guide to men’s haircuts” by Adam Szulc. 2023.

Are you a barber? Maybe you just want to become one? 

We have something for you! This book contains all information you need! Simply it’s what you always wanted to ask about barbering but you never did.


Book is recommended by many great people from barber industry like Robert-Jan Rietveld from Schorem, Richey Finney ‚Captain Fawcett’, Joth Davies from Savills Barbers or Antoine Raven from Jan Piet Joris en Corneel. 


This is the first volume of a trilogy that introduces the reader to the world of barbering in an accessible and easy way. Its remarkable history, habits, tradition and hairstyles are described here in a colorful, interesting and engaging way. 


How to run a barber shop? How you should be prepared for this job? How to furnish the interior and why it’s so important? What’s the story of the modern barber shop? How should it look like? How to separate work areas, waiting room and rest areas? How to communicate with the customers? What’s the story of this profession? How to prepare for hot towel shaving? 


Do you know the answers for these questions? 
If you said „no” in at least one question-  THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! 


What’s inside?

Barbering, as the main character of this book, shows its face both to the professionals to whom it is addressed and to those not connected with the profession.


What can you learn from this book?

Starting with a fascinating history of men's hairdressing from ancient times to the present, full of interesting facts, through which the reader slowly moves to the technical and ethical aspects of the profession. 


The history of barbering shows how old, traditional and historical this profession is, where care to hygiene, interior design, high morale of the staff and permanent development should stand equally with the quality of cutting hair. 


Why it’s so special? 

The reader is guided through detailed chapters on tools, accessories, products, preparations, hygiene, types of haircuts, hair cutting, wet shaving, hair washing, hairstyle modeling and decorating the head with cut-outs. 


The extremely interesting and lively language of practitioner Adam Szulc, who has been in the profession for 35 years, makes the knowledge easy to assimilate, and the profession itself turns out to be more than just a simple haircut. 


This is a primer for the barbers! Whole background knowledge inside!


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  • Foreword: Mike Ippoliti of the National Barber Museum in Ohio.
  • Recommendations: Captain Fawcett, Pomps Not Dead, Anton Raven Netherlands of Jan Piet Joris en Corneel barbershop, Grabaż of Strachy Na Lachy.
  • Patrons & Distributors: Pan Drwal, Coretex Records, Little City Books, Barber Evo, Barber Blades.

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