INKWIZYCJA "Stare fotografie" CD

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The first Polish punk band to release the vinyl LP outside of the commercial and state owned music companies! As they started to play again in the summer of 2011, 3 original members + a drummer and a guitarist from WILCZY SZANIEC, we decided to make all their releases available again. They played some live shows with this line-up and the feedback is amazing. Outstanding and unique band, that seems to see no intention in eating its own tail. Their live set contains a lot of new tracks!
They were the first band we released in 1991. Intense hard core energy and very specific lyrics - poetical, but still hard hitting.
The first d.i.y. record ever released in Poland was an LP by a band from Krakow - INKWIZYCJA (and that was also the first "proper" NNNW release). They were one of the biggest bands in late 80's / early 90's when the d.i.y. scene was forming in Poland. They played close to 400 gigs at the time, mainly Poland, but also Austria, Czech, their Italian tour was cancelled last minute...
They never stopped to play, but had to change line up some times. From mid-90s the line up remains the same. They've recorded some songs in '85 in Gold Rock Studio (run by Armia guitarist Robert Brylewski). Then, in '97 they recorded another 5 songs, that were released a year later as 7"EP "Slowo" (The word"). In 2000 NNNW released cassette "Slowo i archiwalia" ("The word and archive") including 7" tracks, 2 cuts from Gold Rock session and another 2 taken from the very first demo the band released themselves even before the LP. Another side of the tape contains the band's singer's poetry set (he used to have live shows for some years, published a couple of volumes himself) with some strange sampled music backgrounds. It's important to note, that the band's lyrics and singer's poetry made them icons of the anti-religious punk scene. One of their concerts was banned by local bishop who got mad seeing posters for INKWIZYCJA and AMEN concert in his town.
In 2001 the band recorded another album - "Stare fotografie" ("Old photos") and soon found itself in hiatus for some years.
2011 line-up adds some fresh blood, manic drumming and more guitar noise.

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