ANTI-FLAG "Die for the government" CD

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Anti-Flag is a punk rock band based in the United States, formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and known for its outspoken left-wing political views. Much of this has focused on fervent anti-war activism, criticism of United States imperialism, corporatism, U.S. wealth distribution, and various sociopolitical sentiments. Members include singer/guitarist Justin Sane, singer/bassist Chris Barker, guitarist Chris Head, and drummer Pat Thetic; Chris Barker (“Chris #2”) replaced original bassist Andy Flag in 1999 following his departure two years prior. Die for the Government is the debut album by the U.S. punk rock band Anti-Flag, released in 1996.
1. You'd Do the Same  
2. Die for the Government 
3. Drink, Drank, Punk
4. Rotten Future
5. Safe Tonight
6. Red, White and Brainwashed
7. Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene
8. Summer Squatter Go Home
9. She's My Little Go-Go Dancer
10. Police State in the USA
11. Punk by the Book
12. Fuck Police Brutality
13. I'm Being Watched by the CIA
14. Kill the Rich
15. No More Dead
16. Confused Youth
17. Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead

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