ANTIDOTUM "Jedna plaga ludzka plaga" CD

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Warsaw punkers - 2010 album.


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This band is from Warsaw, and if you think Post Regiment - you're right! No personal links (apart from being friends) but immediate link when you hear their music. Powerful, melodic punk with a female singer, more aggressive that most of PR stuff. Think of old Armia records to get another hint.

ANTIDOTUM "Jedna plaga ludzka plaga / One plague human plague" CD / LP

New album from Warsaw's Antidotum - raging punk with a female singer, and a drummer who played on the 1st El Banda album. Faster, more aggressive version of whatever Post Regiment means to you.

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ANTIDOTUM "Testowane na ludziach / Tested on humans" CD / LP / CASS

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