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First two cassettes and vinyl LP combined and remastered for this archive release.


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1994 demo "W naszych nagich twarzach" and 1996 album "La Programo" edited and brought to vinyl to commemorate early works of these green anarchist punx. Part of "La Programo" material was published on "Ziemia ginie - obudz sie!" LP (The Earth is dying - wake up).
Another part of Polish 1990s diy hardcore punk history. Another band that remained known only in deep underground circles. Respected, sincere, dedicated, friendly.
Later, we released monumental, dark and heavier "Milosc" (Love) CD, that happened to be their final album.
Emo punk hardcore from years before anybody invented such a label.



MRR review:

Nikt Nic Nie Wie and DIY Koło put out a double LP from Polish green anarchist band LA AFERRA. Disc One is a partial rearrangement of songs from their 1996 cassette La Programo, and starts with a PA announcement and siren wail that set the motif of Eastern Bloc oppression.  “Kiedy Pozbędę Się Serca” follows with a mid-tempo hardcore rhythm and spat-up spoken word that rips into shouts at the end of the song that’s basically one long crescendo. This style remains throughout, speeding things up or down (mostly up), getting angry about the state of the environment through an ecological lens, based on notes from NNNW website. “Morderca” is a good taste from La Programo, with heavy riffing and lots of backing vocals from the band.  Disc Two is their 1994 debut cassette W Naszych Nagich Twarzach in its entirety. The songs here maybe hit a little harder and take less time for instrumental breaks or slowed-down bridges. The green anarchist anger is definitely present in this compilation, and makes a solid showcase of the band’s sound. If you’re looking to delve deeper, also check out Miłość (“Love”), their final album from 1999, that takes the band in a different, more somber direction with long, dark instrumentals, as if all their initial anger was swept over with a sadness inherited by not seeing the change they were after. Great to see bands like this, otherwise off the radar from 30 years ago, get some light of day.

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