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Balkan Reggae Connection is a compilation CD published as a joint release of Ammonite Records from (Serbia), and Positive Reality Records (Slovenia). It includes 16 performers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. It gives an insight into the core of the vibrant roots reggae scene from Balkans. It outlines the current production, up to one year old songs, chosen solely upon the song quality criteria – if some Balkan country is ommitted it most likely means it had nothing recent to contribute to this selection.

Reggae music has a long and vivid tradition of presence, appreciation and production in Balkans - since the early 1970's. There is a spiritual bond between reggae and the Balkan civilization, which is a reason why the seed of reggae turned so fruitful in this part of the world. The message of uncompromised social justice and brotherhood of men, essential to reggae music, is also the core of all Balkan cultures. Reggae in Balkans still has it's specific, local flavors, and these 16 bands and performers from 8 Balkan countries, give us a very good insight of what Balkan reggae sounds like.

The aim of this publication is to create a vivid community of Balkan reggae people, which will hopefully spawn a regional reggae festival. Another aim is to show the rest of the world how good and creative local reggae musicians are, just as the musical editor of the release, Igor Šon a.k.a. Haris Pilton certified.

1     –One Lion Ft NRG-D     Babylon Town     3:09
2     –Ladánybene 27     Rastafari Rula Today     4:55
3     –Siti hlapci     Under Jah Sun     4:09
4     –Smoke'n'Soul     Give Thanks And Praises     5:02
5     –Balkan Riddims     Sweet Love     4:28
6     –Conquering Lion & Green Out     Faith     4:24
7     –Darka And Melody Keepers     One Heart     3:44
8     –Killo Killo*     U gustome dimu     4:55
9     –Rebelites     Legalize     4:09
10     –Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft     Glorious     5:10
11     –Fc Apatride Utd     Shotgun Roots     4:22
12     –Brooka Band     Do pregje     3:40
13     –Megga-Dillah Ft G Ras     Mr. President     3:51
14     –Raggalution     Dredda Lion     3:41
15     –Antenat     Oda     4:09
16     –Igor Vince     Sve je u redu (Reggae version)     3:50

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