Occupy Comics *2

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*All revenue received by organizers/creators (past hard costs) will be donated to various Occupy-related initiatives.*

Cover: Riley Rossmo

1. illustration by Molly Crabapple

2. illustration by Anna Wieszczyk

3. “The One Percent Solution”
Mark Sable – writer
Megan Hutchison – artist
Thomas Mauer – letterer

4. illustration by Zoetica

5. “New Thumbs”
Si Spurrier – writer
Smudge – artist
Frank Barbiere – letterer

6. “Single Family Home”
Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon – writers
Joe Ruff – artist
Adam Geen – colorist

7. “Light”
Matt Miner – writer
Sean Von Gorman – artist

8. illustration by David Mack

9. “Casino Nation, part 2″
Joshua Dysart & Kelly Bruce – writers
Allen Gladfelter – artist

10. illustration by Salgood Sam

11. “Buster Brown At The Barricades, parts 2 & 3″
Alan Moore – writer
edited by Hannah Means-Shannon

12. “How To Be Happy” by Shannon Wheeler

13. cartoons by Matt Bors

14. “Pay Attention! Be Astonished! Act!”
Bill Ayers – writer
Ryan Alexander-Tanner – artist

Production Artist: Vincent Kukua

Organized by Matt Pizzolo, Aaron Colter, Steve Niles


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