CONSECRATION ”Grob” LP Transparent Magenta Edition

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A stoner/sludge metal and post metal band from the capital of Serbia defines their music as atmospheric rock with emphasis on constant evolution and redefinition on their own sound and expression. They are called Consecration and their vast experience in music includes five albums, from which the last one, Grob, represents the end of a trilogy (together with Cimet and Univerzum zna).

Belgrade band Consecration decided to share their music with the world at the beginning of a new century, in 2000 to be more precise. Over the years, these makers of atmospheric music became a trio, and they defined their expression with fantastic sound, creating eclectic landscapes using hard and pervade dynamics that pervade the whole body of the listener. The band memebers are Danilo Nikodinovski (vocal, guitar), Matija Dagović (drums) i Ivan Aranđelović (bass).

They worked on their first album for six years and they released it under the name Aux. Different influences can already be noticed on this album, the ones from Neurosis and Opeth, as well as the ones from Pink Floyd and The Cure. Second album, .avi, also has a distinctive feature. It was recorded in just one take because they tried to convey the atmosphere from a live gig (for which they are known) onto the studio album. They begin their trilogy with the third album: Cimet, Univerzum zna and Grob. This loud triptych is divided into parts, although the whole material was ready in 2013. However, because of its size and complexity, it becomes a long term project. Both Cimet and Univerzum zna were released in 2013, while Grob sees the light of day two years after, as a peak of this comprehensive creation.

Grob will be out in the autumn of 2015, and it will represent a logical sequel and an ending after Cimet and Univerzum zna. While the first two albums of this trilogy sound like a journey through the mystical universe and a persuit for meaning (of life perhaps?), Grob brings the end, peace and the termination of the journey. The sound is heavier, it delves into the depth and doesn't allow the listener to relax. The journey continues, has its peak through hard guitar riffs and Danilo's vocal, that seems to be calling out for us. Last song, an 8 minute Ejmi (1983-2011-201?) brings the final serenity, lighter instrumental relaxes every muscle, ambience relaxes the spirit. There is no conclusion in the end, but the path opens to something new, something that doesn't yet exist. Awaiting follows.

Grob is released by Geenger Records in digital form and on vinyl. The album was recorded in two studios: Underground and Red Water. They recorded in October of 2011 in the Underground studio, while the rest of th ematerial was recorded in Red Water studio in January, 2015. Masters of the craft that contributed with their skills in the studio are Aaron Harris (Isis) who did the mixing, while James Plotkin finalized the mastering. Pastel design and complete artwork were entrusted with Aleksandra Rasulić who brings simplicity and beauty with her visual design of the album, with possibility for wider and more unbound interpretation.

Maybe Grob isn't the best example to have a taste of Consecration's atmosphere, but once you absorb their sound, when you give them a chance to blow up your ears and caress your audio buds, it is very likely for you to do a retrograde turn back onto their previous work. No matter which is your fantastic story or in which fairytale you see yourself in, the perplex and hard melodies played by these fellows from Belgrade will give the music a background for flaring up your imagination.


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