MIGHTY ZAZUUM ”Into the Unknown” LP Transparent Sea Blue Edition

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Mighty Zazuum is a name that round up five musicians who begin their story by revealing the meaning of that name. The name of the band is not a plain intrigue, it has a significant meaning. Zazuum is a donkey known to the fans of the animated cartoons from the 60's. Zazuum is the lovable and cheerful donkey who goes berserk when someone pulls his tail and after that, donkey kick-up chaos breaks loose.

The band comes from Pula, Croatia, and it has been formed in 2010. The musicians gathered in this collective have been forging their music skills for years, and they are Vedran Župarić (Hamo) - vocals, Michel Camlić - guitar, followed by equally important Đina Ivas - bass guitar, Tomislav Šestan - bass guitar and Alen Topalović - drums.

The music they play has its roots in the old school. They took some progressive rock sound and combined it with psychedelic sound from the 60's and the 70's creating their strong music pillar. However, their sound is streaked with modern sounds that give them a special ambient atmosphere. Some of the influences that have left a mark on their creativity are The Mars Volta, Kyuss and Tool.

Besides music, the band is interrelated with mutual philosophy. Aside the sympathy they share for the already mentioned donkey, and love for music, they are also tied with contemplations that dig into great conspiracy theories, such as chemtrails, and anti-globalism. Their philosophy is embedded inside their lyrics and music.


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