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składak dub / reggae zespołów związanych z festiwalem Seasplash (diy dub) na adriatyckim wybrzeżu.

The idea about a compilation album was born approximately half a year before the 10th Seasplash festival, as such release seemed as another great way to celebrate the first big festival jubilee. With a deadline that was impossible to achieve, first plans included some of the acknowledged international artists to appear alongside domestic artists, in order to help making the promotion and sales ending with potentially greater success. But soon after the first recordings started to arrive, a decision was made to dedicate the whole compilation to the domestic scene, taking a stand that it's minimum what it has deserved, after dedication of many who produce quality works, achieving more and more internationally acclaimed results, and considering number of years we spent bringing and promoting worldwide artists to these areas. From the start, our goal for the album was to be released on vinyl, predicting the situation that last selection of artists will include many of those that appeared after being influenced by sound system culture, who push their existing careers, gather and make crowds go crazy on various dancefloors, still not having their music released on such a medium, even though they would like to.

Considering their minimal consumption nowadays, the concept of compilation album turns out to be quite demanding, and in order to try to eliminate such handicap as much as possible, we put up a standard of all tracks, besides having to be the best ever, also have to be exclusive. While failing to be attractive these days, some compilation albums left a strong impact on many of us, making us more interested to follow or join into some of the subcultural movements. That was also one of the reasons to approach the making of this one cautiously and respectfully. We were consciously entering this demanding concept of representing the scene that gathers wide range of various, but related styles, which is what makes quite a difference from the most of compilation albums that were generally more successful if being focused on genres easier to identify. We literally forced all invited to record and participate with a new song, specially recorded for this purpose. The process, however, got more complicated, including situations where some of the artists just finished with recording and releasing the new albums, so they had to return to studios to record and mix a single song, or those who were recording the new stuff, that we were listening, and asking them to provide the tunes we thought were among the best ones. We thank them all for that.

But if it wasn't like that, we would hardly come to the situation when we witness one great album release, that compiles one, considering our circumstances, pretty much creative and productive generation. Not only because of melodies and rhythms, but also due to nobility of those who participated and who generously shared it with others. So, at the end, Seasplash ritam compilation album finds itself as double vinyl, CD and download release. Fortaur, imaginary created Fort Punta Christo's protector on the front cover illustrated by Miron Milić, finalized through design of Marijana Krbot. Songs on the album linked and mastered by Petar Dundov.

The fact is there were no domestic artists creating original sounds related to the styles that come out of sound system culture and bass music before Seasplash festival started to happen in 2003, nor those who left proofs of discographic activities. The fact is that from these areas, only Brain Holidays and Radikal Dub Kolektiv appeared at the 1st Seasplash, first mostly played covers, while the second has just started learning how to dub. The fact that no one can deny is that with Seasplash ritam, only a dozen years after the festival premiere, we release 14 style related, but dynamic tracks produced by the artists from our scene, that can surely go along with the most profiled, technical and production standards that currently exist in the world.

A1. CHAKKA - Vesti iz zemlje
A2. DIGITRON SOUND - Tribal Waaar
A3. DUBBLE ft Yuri - Reci mi
B1. EGOLESS - Farpoint
B2. BAMWISE - Terror East
B3. 207 - Deep With Me
B4. WAITAPU - Tooth Fairy
C1. BANANA ZVUK ft Žan Jakopač - Gomma Digital
C2. BRAIN HOLIDAYS - Modern Slavery
C3. ST!LLNESS - Bottun
C4. ANTENAT - Razmak (Hodom ostvarujem ritam)
D1. TRICKY D feat Bongo Chilli aka Peppery - Mile And a Half
D2. FILIP MOTOVUNSKI - Sound of da Police
D3 - RAHMANEE - They Live


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