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The scum of toytown is back! 20 years after
their fantastic debut album "Strike", the band from Stevenage (UK) is
back together and recorded a brand new full lenght LP in 2014. On here
they feature a set of previously unrecorded older material alongside
with new songs that sound just as they picked it up again where they
left off in 1995.
A festival of tuneful but subversive punk-MUSIC (yes, in capitals)
merging the drive and rage of anarcho punk with reggae parts and hints
of pop and dub groves. Transporting a personal yet punk political
message across the listener. Sometimes full on powerful riffage,
sometimes furious, sometimes melancolic and melodic, all at the same
time, wrapped up in a top notch DIY production.
SCUM OF TOYTOWN were a obscure phenomena of the 1990ies, rootet in the
North London punk scene of the late 1970ies and 1980ies. They crawled
out of the void and managed in their short existence to make a lasting
impact on everyone fortunate enough to catch them either live or on
record before they sunk into oblivion for unknown reason. They appeared
on festivals and squats in central Europe and making everyone
(seriously) move and dance along to their unique style of innovative
sounding punkrock. Music that makes you toss a brick with a smile on
your face.


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